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A Trusted Partner In Corporate Video Production



Video Scripting

Whats Your Story? We Can Help You Create Your Compelling Message And Perfect It For A Video Format.

Everyone has a story! Our pre-production creative services help to build powerful video marketing campaigns.  We'll assist you with concept development, script writing, storyboarding, pre-interviewing, talent and location scouting, marketing strategies

Our team is here to work with you to create professional visual storytelling that converts your audience to advocates..

Planning at this stage is vital, from identifying your audience, the best place to find them and what messages push their buttons - we can help with your video and content marketing strategy.

It's all part of our fixed fee service and really pays off when we start filming and production.




Our Goal Is To Capture The Most Compelling Video Content Every Time We Shoot.

Our experienced film production team use specialist sound, lighting and camera equipment to capture your story in any location, studio or at an event.

Your video will be beautifully shot in high-definition (HD) to bring your message to life.

Film Haus produces professional-grade corporate films. We do that with a highly experienced team of videographers, degrees educated in shooting & capturing beautiful video content.  

The video we produce for our clients always comes out looking magnificent and professionally polished – regardless of whether we are producing a marketing video, explainer film, video testimonials, or any other kind of corporate video project.

But more important than our films looking professional, your business will look professional in a Film Haus video.

Next, your project is placed into production. Here we will take everything we learned in phase 1 and create the visuals for your project. During the design process, proofs will be provided to you via email or online links so that you can submit revisions before final approval.



After Effects:

Your Professionally Edited Films Will Meet Your Vision And Engage With Your Audience

The editing room is where we turn good content into great film and is what will set your video apart. We'll seamlessly combine the best takes from your shoot with graphical elements, animated opening titles and music.

The Film Haus video editing service includes several rounds of edits included in our flat-rate fee to ensure you get the video you want - on message and telling your story.

Our studio uses Premier Pro and After Effects video software to format and polish.

During this collaborative process, you'll be able to review and offer feedback on the corporate video.




We Help Your Message Get Seen In More Places With Easy To Share Video Files

With digital and social media channels there are infinite ways to share and distribute video content.

We'll optimise your video files to make it easy for you to publish on any platform - your website, social media, mobile or at your next corporate event.

With screens in just about everyone's pocket and a huge array of marketing channels to distribute video content your film has huge potential. But it's important to understanding file formats, how to optimize your film for the platform and the ways your audience will expect to engage with your content.

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