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Coronavirus Workplace Safety Videos


Return to Work Instructional Film 

Quick and affordable return to work staff training videos, filmed and produced specifically for your office, site and facilities' new control measures. 


Video is a great medium to communicate quickly and on mass the new COVID-19 safety procedures, equipment, requirements and controls your company will be putting in place to keep people safe.


Provide effective education for people returning to work.

Highlight Safety Measures 

Demonstrate Equipment (PPE)

Explain New Safety Procedure

Keep People Informed & Safe

Example Safety Instruction Videos

We're onsite now shooting return to work and COVID-19 safety videos for our clients. Here are some examples of early adopters, using video to promote their safety measures to staff and customers - educating, reassuring and keeping people safe.

COVID-19 Workplace Safety | Warehouse Health & Safety Measures | Next
Some little helps for safer shopping | Tesco
Helping every way we can | Here to solve

Coronavirus Safety Video Cost

We'll produce an instructional Coronavirus safety video, shot at your facility, showing staff your new safety procedures, social distancing measures, PPE and equipment, etc. 


Videos will be branded and optimized for your internal communication channels; intranet, email, digital training platforms. 

Send the video out to staff before they return to work so they are informed and ready to be safe.


The video will be produced specifically for your requirements and so will need a tailored quote.

However as an indication we are onsite now creating similar safety films for our clients from £1,050


Optimised For Easy Sharing


Shot At Your Facility


Your Company Brand And Message


Professionally Edited

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Blog

We also design and layout safety presentations 

Safety Video FAQ

We’d love to chat and discuss your project’s filming requirements, answering any questions. However, if you’re not ready to talk just yet, here are some answers to common

"return to work instructional video"  questions:

  • How much will it cost to film my event or conference?
    The cost depends on a number of factors including how many camera operators are needed and editing requirements. But we pride ourselves on great value/high quality filming, and our prices start at £500 (plus VAT and travel costs). The packages shown on this section are generic, but we would be happy to price based on your specific requirements.
  • Can we stream our event on the internet?
    Our services can include live streaming your event, so those people who cannot make it in person can still engage with your content programme. It is useful to plan this early so booking confirmation emails and auto-calendar reminders can include the joining link. We can help if you need assistance with this.
  • Will the video files work on my website and social media channels?
    Yes, we will optimise the final files for the format you require. Video for web and social sharing is the most popular format we are asked for and your files will play online. If you need any assistance publishing the videos on your digital channels we can also help with this
  • What kind of quality will the videos be?
    Our showreels and example video provide the best indication of the quality output we achieve for our clients. Film Haus are committed to producing high quality event videos and we use the latest camera equipment and editing software. We also provide clients with filming guidance notes and develop the brief together to ensure you get the best possible results from the filming.
  • What sort of events do you film?
    We focus on corporate events, but within that category Film Haus cater for all of the common event types: conferences, seminars, product launches, award ceremonies, interviews, launches, festivals and more. If you’re able to challenge us with a new format, we’d love to hear about it.
  • What staff do you use to film events?
    Our people are hugely experienced, they are the best at camera operating, sound, lighting and editing, but also professional in their approach at your event. We dress appropriately, act to a strict code of conduct and blend in (as far as possible) so the audience stays focused on what you’ve planned.
Return to work instructional video enquiry,

Return To Work Instructional Video Inquiry

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