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Corporate Video Interviews | Tips for Internal Marketers

Vlog style video interviews with business leaders, trainers, customers, suppliers or any number of stakeholders, provides a powerful way to inform, motivate, educate and promote to an internal audience.

If planned right, you can have your interviews, presentations and company addresses professionally filmed for less than £100 – read on to find out how.

Film studio for internal communication interview
Internal Communication Video

It couldn’t be more important and timely with so many people working remotely to tap into this powerful medium. There is definitely something about seeing the whites of the CEO’s eyes and feeling like they are addressing you directly with the company update or seeing your latest product being demonstrated by a colleague – it’s powerful stuff!

But then you have the age-old battle between producing something professional but for as little as possible (protecting the budget!), Film Haus has a way you can have both - a pro-video, affordably priced.

You could Film in-house and although this is one of the more straightforward filming formats there are things like lighting, backdrops and mic levels during filming, which will make a huge difference. And colour grading, audio cleansing and titles during editing that will dramatically change the quality of your video and so the perception that your staff have of the message.

Try batch filming and plan your editorial and content calendar so you can film up to ten topics in a day. This concentrated method of planning and filming video content really focuses your strategy, messages and resources for maximum efficiency.

Film Haus comes to your office and sets up a studio with a backdrop, lighting and professional sound ready for you to bring in various teams and colleagues one by one to film their message – this way you achieve in one go up to ten company updates, CEO addresses, internal comms etc with minimum fuss, disruption and cost. Simple, but it makes sense, right? And we are the expert at it.

Batch filming will literally save you thousands of pounds of budget over the year and can bring individual video cost down to £100. It takes less time out of people’s schedules in the long run, they don’t even need to leave the office and is an easier process to manage.

We’ve also found that clients are much more likely to achieve their video content goals when they batch organise their filming versus adhoc projects, because we all know life and business demands happen and you end up putting things back or settling for less impactful ways of communicating important messages.

Another advantage is achieving better consistency in your videos, from branded backgrounds to the lighting and what people are wearing to hair-styles - things that can be harder to ensure are consistent if you film over a longer period.

You can totally take advantage of this time, money and sanity-saving process, just speak to Film Haus today: email us on

Speak to Film Haus about batch filming your corporate video interviews, updates, announcements and presentations.

Film Haus are your professional affordable video production partner, we work with you to achieve your goals and maximise the impact of your message and budget.

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