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Five styles of corporate photography you should consider

Corporate photography is a must for any business looking to make the right impression. No matter whether it is for a corporate brochure, company website, or for your staff to use as profile pictures on social media; the right photos will set your brand identity and ensure that your business looks as professional as possible.

You might think that corporate photography is simply capturing some photos of your colleagues wearing suits and smiling against a white backdrop – but there is a lot more to it. Corporate photography encompasses a wide range of styles, and capturing the right images, in the right setting, will help you to tell your story as well as establishing your brand identity.

Benefits of corporate photography

Before we take a look at some of the various styles of corporate photography available, we thought we would highlight some of the biggest benefits of it.

1) Introduces your team

In this increasingly digital world, we can connect with people and businesses around the world in a matter of seconds – however, we are slowly losing that personal touch. Clients like to know who they are speaking and engaging with, and professional corporate photography helps to put a face to a name and bring your team to life.

2) Sets you apart

Too many websites and corporate materials use generic stock images, which only serves to weaken the impact of your brand and the connection between you and your clients. By using personalised, powerful corporate photography you are able to capture the ethos of your business.

3) Cements your branding

Equally, in this digital-led world establishing a clear brand identity is essential in helping you to cut through the mountain of noise that is being generated every day. Creating a clear and original brand identity that is consistent across your digital and printed marketing efforts will boost your appeal and help to ensure clients understand your identity.

Five styles of corporate photography

When it comes to choosing the right style of corporate photography for your business, it can be a confusing choice. There are many different styles out there, with each one designed to provide your company with a certain requirement. We have taken a closer look at five of the most common styles available:

Traditional Studio Portraits

The traditional portrait studio style corporate photographs have been the staple choice for companies across the globe for years for a reason. These images are focused primarily upon the face and upper torso of your employees and are typically taken against a white background.

By being conducted in a studio-like environment, it lets the photographer have complete control over the look, allowing them to adjust the lighting as required to capture the perfect shot. These images are perfect to use in more formal literature such as your business website, printed marketing materials, or for any business profile-style articles that you might feature in. Thanks to the relatively simple backdrop and lighting requirements, traditional studio portraits are also a quick process to capture your entire team.

Event photography

No matter whether it is a team-building exercise, annual fundraiser or any type of corporate event, utilising professional photography is a very useful addition. Not only can it help to ensure that you and your colleagues have a lasting memory from the event, but the resulting images are fantastic marketing material that can be useful in helping to showcase your next event.

Whilst traditional studio portraits are perfect for use on your website, event photography allows you to use high-quality, eye-catching images in your media communications; boosting their appeal. Event photography also helps to give your company some character and life, allowing you to further promote your personality to clients.

One of the biggest benefits of using event photography, however, is that it allows you to focus on the event itself, without having to worry about capturing the required images of key speakers or activities.

Office Lifestyle

Office lifestyle shots are designed to give your clients with more insight into your company and team than a traditional studio portrait image can. These lifestyle shots aim to show your business in action, capturing individuals or small teams going about their business with the tools of their trade. Unlike portrait shots that focus on the face of the employees, these images take in the wider setting of the workplace.

That is not to say that these office lifestyle images are not suitable as an individual portrait for staff though, and they can often provide an engaging alternative to the more traditional style. These lifestyle images are also very useful in displaying to clients the personality of your company, as well as being a useful addition for media use – particularly for those publications whose readership is not necessarily aware of your industry and might be intrigued by your workplace.

Interiors and Property

Corporate photography is not always about individuals. Sometimes, effective imagery of your workplace can be just as powerful at telling your company story. Whether it is highlighting your unique interior design, location, ambience or even the scale and quality, effective interior and property corporate photography can really help you to stand out from the crowd.

From coffee shops and meeting rooms to football stadiums and hotels, whatever your industry might be, by showcasing exactly what your clients could be experiencing will help you to attract them to your business. These images do not just help to attract new clients though, the competition to attract the best new talent to your workforce is always a challenge so helping to show off the environment that they can be enjoying is a big incentive.


Arguably one of the most important aspects of corporate photography is ensuring that you are able to effectively capture and showcase your products. No matter whether you are looking for images for your website or printed brochures, high quality and professional images will allow potential customers to clearly see your products in detail.

These images are often essential when promoting products to media too, so developing a database of your entire product range – in both studio and ‘real-life’ settings – will help you to quickly and easily promote your products as required.

The Film Haus Way

Here at Film Haus, we truly understand the benefits that high-quality corporate photography can bring to your business. Our mission is to provide our clients with truly innovative solutions, helping them to stand out from the crowd.

Alongside the five key styles listed above, we also provide a wide range of creative photography services, including PR and editorial images and Green Screen photography.

Our talented team also provides an in-depth retouching service to guarantee that you will always be able to enjoy stunning photography, no matter your requirements.

So whether you are looking for innovative images for your website, need moment-catching event photography, or simply want attractive product shots to showcase your products, drop us an email on or give us a call on 07973747552.

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