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Make your conference a conversation

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

So, here’s the thing…

Anyone who’s ever been to any conference knows about the information overload and sensory assault that a full content agenda can lead to.

Turn your conference into a conversation that creates dialogue, connections and engagement with your delegates, speakers and sponsors. After all, the science proves you take a lot more in as an active participant than as a passive receiver?

The solution: Design your conference around the participant’s voice and your event and content will benefit. The agenda will be more meaningful and in some cases the content will create itself. You’ll deliver more value to your stakeholders, which leads to stronger loyalty and better sales.

But conversation is just the beginning and conference participants also:

• Seek solutions to business, career and global challenges that they care about. • Want to connect and grow their professional/personal community. So how can you ensure participants are always part of the conversation? That they easily find and deeply engage with solutions they seek? That they connect with like-minded professionals at your event?”

High value conference tips. First, the mainstage. Aside from programming short bursts of keynote content from brilliant presenters (in sessions ideally lasting no more than 90 minutes), those sessions should be a conversation, not a presentation. Think: dialogue. Making this manageable often means submitting questions via a Q&A platform but you can also invite them in advance. Avoid leaving Q&A to the end, instead find two or three pauses to respond to audience questions. Live polls are another effective “mass conversation” tool to gauge where the audience stands on an issue, allowing presenters to respond in real time. We’ve even seen organisers and presenters ask the audience to choose the topic they most want to learn about from a pre-determined menu. Of course, they’re prepared to speak to any answer that wins.

Next, the conference environment. With hundreds or even thousands of people, it’s critical to carve vast convention halls into meaningful spaces. These zones, often grouped by key content, allow people to easily find solutions they seek and to engage in a more intimate, focused experience.

Smaller, highly focused spaces facilitate meaningful conversation and allow for a targeted and varied content programme via small theatres, exhibitions and demos and networking lounges. All in all: a far more personalized experience that energizes vs. exhausts. And don’t forget the space between spaces. If you create easy, open pathways from one neighborhood to the others, it encourages networking and connection that end up proving most valuable.

Finally, varying formats—using video, storytelling and interviews helps to ensure your audiences stays plugged into the conversation. Widening the circle. Given social media’s key role in our lives, any conversation can and will go beyond conference borders – especially with video. Together we can create experiences and messages that participants want to share on their own, extending the conversation and event reach far beyond onsite. These experiences, shot in beautiful professional video format, can include everything from onstage “wow” moments, launches and pre-event teasers to short demos and explainer content. Film Haus can also live stream parts of the mainstage or report from areas of the exhibition, opening channels for live or online dialogue with remote participants. Obviously we’d love to speak with you about your event filming and photography needs but we hope if nothing else that this insight proves valuable and that you can take some ideas or inspiration into the next event you plan. We hope to be there, supporting you and capturing excellent reference and marketing videos that engage with your audience and build a strong loyalty and advocate following for your event and brand.

We take care of everything, so you can take care of the event.

You will find examples of event video production and more information about Film Haus' event filming services here

If event video and filming is of interest, Film Haus offer industry beating rates on event filming packages as well as bespoke services tailored for your event, audience and channels.

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